PERSIAN Birth Cohort

National meeting of June 27th

27 June 2019

On June 27th of 2019, a national meeting was held with the vice chancellor for research and technology of ministry of health, Prof. Reza Malekzadeh, as well as PERSIAN cohort national agent, the primary investigator of PERSIAN birth cohort and the managerial and executive members of the project from Isfahan, Yazd, Rafsanjan, Sari and Semnan provinces. The session was held in Isfahan University of medical sciences. After greetings from the PI of this national project and presenting a summary of the current status of the study, Dr. Tahereh Changiz, dean of the Isfahan University of medical sciences, clarified the importance of birth cohort studies and the valuable findings achieved by them. Then Dr. Malekzadeh had a brief speech regarding the priorities of the vice-chancellor of research in the field of pediatrics and underlined the gaps that could be filled with the finding from this project, especially the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases. At the end of the first part of the meeting, managers of the study from each province, represented current status of the project in their own region, as well as number of newborns and abortions and status of the biobank. In this session, PESRIAN birth cohort data bank system was introduced and a preliminary form of the data bank was presented.

After the first part of the convention, executive members of the study in Isfahan were appreciated. Also, in this part of the meeting, we were honored to have some of the families participating in Isfahan birth cohort study and thanked them for their great cooperation with the study team.

Finally, at the end of the day, a friendly meeting with the PERSIAN cohort national agent, PI of the PERSIAN birth cohort and the managerial team members of locals were held. In this session, some of the executive problems of the study were discussed and “Rafsanjan dental birth cohort project” was introduced.